Cooking Class!

Today is my first time going to a cooking class ALL ON MY OWN. Not only that , it was a Macaron class. Taught by owner, head pastry chef of Chocolica
There is a HUGE difference between freshly baked ones that are hot out of the oven and the old ones you "could" get from other bakeries. Thank God for this class! the instructor has answered all my questions plus tips and tricks.

I must remember to go back to the book store and purchase Pierre Herme.

Herman came to pick me up from Granville Island. We then went off to Thomas Haas on Broadway and Larch. To my suprise they have Macarons. I went to their North Vancouver location looking for macarons which they didn't have, and all this time it was so close to me! However to my dissapointment they are not fresh. The outside is crisp but the insides are soggy, not even chewy.

The three flavors I bought were, raspberry, cassis, passion fruit. And all of them were way to sweet and the flavoring was overbearing. The best out of worst was passion fruit.

I had my favorite Crispy Chocolate Raspberry
Dark Manjari chocolate-raspberry mousse, light vanilla Bavarian, chocolate sacher sponge cake, and crispy hazelnut wafer
It is just as good as the first time I've ever tried it (2 years ago)

Then me and Herman went to White Rock. I didn't make it very far on that wooden porch thing that led out to the sea. Instead I was dreaming of BB and wondering why he couldn't have been here with me. Oh well...

We walked about and I tried looking to this old antique store along the waters. Sadly isn't there anymore. I had vowed myself when I was a child that I'd come back and buy the beautiful rose tea cup.
I was severely craving good fish and chips especially fresh oysters too. I wanted clam chowder but I was way too full by then.

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